Falling in Love with Dance

Music and dance have been a part of me since I can remember.  They are essential for my daily existence.  They have been my salvation during emotionally difficult times.  Yet despite my need, I never pursued these arts seriously … until a few years ago.  I walked into my first dance class with great trepidation.  Even though I have rhythm, I was in uncharted waters.  I had never followed specific steps or choreography.  I danced freely, straight from my soul, joyously without any boundaries.    I chose Brazilian samba dancing, because the African beats spoke to me.  The Rio de Janeiro style dancers, passistas, captivated me with their beautiful costumes, bedazzled with jewelry and feathers in a rainbow of colors.  Their dance was fast, seductive, and fiery.  They had the confidence of a queen with the smoldering sensuality of a courtesan.  However, the glitz and glam was not what sold me.  What lured me in was one element that distinguished these dancers from the rest:  their smile.  Passistas dance with their hearts.  They smile, they flirt, they enchant, they bewitch, they love.