I’m standing in front of the ocean, not sure how I even got here.   I must have driven on auto-pilot.  The sun is shining, making the water sparkle like millions of diamonds.  Its lure is powerful, addictive.  I can’t stay away.
I take off my shoes, loosen my dress, let it fall to the sand, and walk closer to the water. I allow my feet to touch the foam on the shoreline.   It plays with me, retracting and then returning.

Where have you been?
“It has been difficult to come to you these last few months”, I answer.
I’ve been calling you.
“I know, I have wanted nothing more than to be with you.”
Come closer.
I walk further into the cold water, letting it wrap around my ankles and gently caress my calves.
You should not stay away for so long.  It is not good for you.
“I’ve not been well at all without you.”  I move further in, enjoying the cold wetness circle around and run up my thighs.
You belong to me.  I am a part of you.
Tendrils stroke my nether lips.
Powerful waves take a hold of my hips and cup my ass, lifting my feet from the ground.
The water moves further, touching my stomach, back, and then my breasts, shocking the nipples, making them hard.
I am suspended, defying gravity, as waves push and pull me back and forth.
Why do you deny your destiny?
“I am not ready yet.”
It coils around my arms and shoulders.
Slowly it wraps itself around my neck, flicking cold water on my lips.
I watch in awe as massive waves rise and fall in the distance.
Its power is spellbinding.
Let me take you deeper.
“You will consume me.”
You want me to consume you.  You want to be engulfed.
“I am not ready.”
I begin to withdraw from its hold, paddling backwards with my arms.  My feet touch the ground.  I step back, edging closer to the shore.   The water moves down my body leaving its drops as a reminder of its presence, its ownership of me.
“I will be back.”
I know you will be.

Image source:
Joel Coleman Photography


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